Chenglun Applet - Mandarin Chinese English Unscramble game - 中文英语游戏

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By Henk Schotel

Click the Other Exercise button for the actual firat exercise.
Drag the "units" in their proper relative positions to give a translation of the top "sentence".
The applet will let you know automatically when the order is correct.
RIGHT (or Control) CLICKING a "unit" will show you its pinyin (if applicable).
Sentences are taken from or inspired by Oxford University's rich CTCFL Chinese Mulitmedia course by S.Y. Kan, et al (£18.80 only!).

For Dutch learners of Mandarin, see, voor meer oefenmateriaal het vaklokaal voor Chinees, de ondersteunende site bij de 4 leerboeken "Chinees? 'n Makkie!" (Zhōngwén? Hǎoxué! 中文? 好学!) van Tin Chau TSUI